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A film by Gabriel Allard

with Catherine Bérubé and Paul Doucet

Unveiling of the trailer and the poster


Montreal, November 29, 2022 - TVA Films, Grand Karma and Soupe du Jour Productions are pleased to announce the release of SNOW ANGEL (LA DESCENTE), based on an original idea by Gabriel Allard. Having had its premiere at the Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec in September 2022, this psychological thriller, directed by Gabriel Allard, co-written by Catherine Bérubé, Marc Lapointe, Paul Van Dyck, Louis-Philippe Tremblay and Gabriel Allard, stars Catherine Bérubé (Le Trip à trois, Disappointment Blvd, Alerts, Transplant), Olivier Renaud (Astrid and Lilly Save the World, Midnight at the Magnolia), Kimberley-Sue Murray (Shadowhunters, The End of Sex, Trader), Paul Doucet(Les Pays d'en Haut, Les vieux chums, Antigone), Margaux Vaillancourt (Le guide de la famille parfaite), Bineyam Girma (Fatherhood), Alexandre Nachi(Arlette! , Les mecs).

The creation of this film is a unique experience according to Gabriel Allard, director: "Catherine and I wanted to do things differently, to create a film that entertains and makes you think, shot in a way that allowed us the greatest possible creative freedom, in a context where a few dozen people, investors and crew members, have the success of the film at heart as much as we do."

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Mary-Jane "MJ" Morris is an ex-professional snowboarder living a life of debauchery. Following a fatal drunk driving accident that claimed the lives of her best friend's loved ones, MJ wanders around her cabin, crushed by the tragedy and the part she played in it. After a few futile attempts to get her act together and make amends, she decides to pack her bags and leave town for good. But in doing so, she unwittingly begins her descent into hell. Fearing for her life and sanity, MJ must find a way to uncover the truth and face the consequences.

Produced by Catherine Bérubé and Gabriel Allard for Grand Karma and Nathalie Brunet and Marc Lapointe for Soupe du Jour Productions, with the financial participation of 38 investors and 20 sponsors, this project took close to 10 years to complete, from writing to financing, to COVID, to filming, to post-production and release on the big screen.

Distributed in Canada by TVA FILMS, SNOW ANGEL (LA DESCENTE) will be released in Quebec on January 20, 2023 in its original English version, in a French dubbed version and in an English version with French subtitles.

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About TVA Films, division of TVA Group

TVA Films is a Canadian company based in Montreal that acquires films for distribution on various platforms such as: theaters, DVD, video on demand, pay and conventional television and the Internet. pay and conventional television and the Internet. It offers the public a range of quality products including Coco Ferme, Farador, Maria and Timescape.

About Grand Karma

Founded by Gabriel Allard and Catherine Bérubé, Grand Karma is a young and dynamic film production company that intends to think outside the box, to constantly renew itself and to push the limits of what is possible. Boldness, authenticity, and respect are among the company's main values and guide its every step. After having innovated to finance and produce its first feature film, Grand Karma intends to do it again by creating a new and original financing method that will allow it to maintain its creative freedom, to introduce the world to new stories and new talents and to offer its collaborators a unique and inspiring experience.

About Soupe du Jour Productions

Soupe du Jour Productions (SDJP) is a multi-platform content and production company co-founded by Nathalie Brunet, a talent and literary agent working in the film and television industry, Marc Lapointe, a screenwriter and lawyer specialized in mergers and acquisitions, and Daniel Fortin, creative director, multidisciplinary artist, former vice-president of creation at Cirque du Soleil, and designer and creator of experiences and events. Co-owners of Omada, the largest agency in Quebec for talent working behind the camera in film and television, Nathalie and Marc have helped dozens of writers and directors bring their projects from the original idea to the big or small screen, working closely with them on content, strategy and financing. With a cross-disciplinary approach to creation, Daniel has directed over 300 projects worldwide during his tenure at Cirque, with a total production budget of over $400 million.

Motivated by the desire to bring quality content to local and international markets by putting talent first, SDJP is currently developing several films and series in various formats with local and American partners.

Source : TVA Films

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