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Montreal, QC November 11th, 2022 – With a new EP dropping today, entitled GROW: PART II, Sam Tucker continues to define a new sound that has music fans worldwide taking notice. Although he was born in a small town located in central England, Sam Tucker has adopted Quebec’s gorgeous Gaspesie region as his home, where the inspiring landscape and the amazing artists he has collaborated with have had a profound effect on his ever evolving sound. Sam’s GROW project is a very different sounding beast than the more folky fare he was known for earlier in his career. With GROW, Sam has taken on a much more ethereal and chilled-out vibe, eschewing acoustic guitars and the more twangy sounds for something trippier, fuzzier, and all around more atmospheric.

Once again, joining forces with Connor Seidel, a local luminary (known for his collaborations with Charlotte Cardin, Les soeurs Boulay, Half Moon Run, Jason Bajada, and many others), who helped co-produce the songs, Sam expanded on the style he developed on the first EP, adding all kinds of percussion, sexy sax solos, and a touch of old soul music to the overall sound. Mixed masterfully again by Charles-Émile Beaudin, the songs on PART II really blossomed into something else thanks to the creativity that Jon Arseneau (on bass, known for various projects including the Urban Science Hip Hop collective) and Max Bellavance (drummer for, amongst others, The Brooks) brought with them to the studio.

“This project is based upon the notion of growth”, says Sam of his current musical output, “during the pandemic when I was making this music we had to learn how to spend time with ourselves again and be comfortable in our own thoughts. We had to grow, and get better in our relationships; learning to live with or be separated from our loved ones for extended periods of time. I put a lot of time into writing music and developing my art during this time, too. I wanted this project to grow in the same way, and so in PART II we embellished my homemade drums and baselines with actual players who came in to give a more organic feel to the beats.”

Musical aesthetics are key for this project, and as soon as the first notes of the album kick in with Sam’s distinct trippy vocals overtop, the listener is instantly enveloped by a very comfortable musical blanket, and in for a trip that is both lush and minimal at the same time, employing minimalist ideals over layered sonic experimentation. The song HOPEis a perfect example of the alchemy created by Sam in his studio full of lo-fi trickery, with warbly-sounding vocals, slowed-down & reverb-drenched soul background music, and a relaxed vibe that carries the listener on a gentle journey downstream.

With the GROW project, Sam boldly went out of his folky comfort zone, discovering a passion for a low-key, lo-fi sound that mixes dusty hip-hop flavoured beats with a swampier, more abstract sound, reminiscent of the sounds we have come to know from artists like fellow Quebec superstar, Mac DeMarco, and groups like Portishead and Tycho.



Source : Audiogram

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