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Montreal, January 27 2023 - Celina Wolfe has one of those voices. The kind of voice that is special, timeless, unique. Over the last few years, the singer/songwriter has been patiently crafting her debut - carefully assembling a collection of songs that she hopes will resonate with people in a deep and profound way. With a series of emotive singles under her belt, Montreal’s own Celina Wolfe is poised to turn heads with Celina, a deeply personal album that showcases a natural songwriting talent coupled with a knack for personal introspection, and killer songs that stick to the roof of your brain.

Following the success of four singles, including Coming Right Back - a gripping and emotional song about her struggle with alcohol and her journey sobriety, Celina is releasing her full length on Artifice (who have a reputation for working with luminaries, including Safia Nolin, Fanny Bloom, Alex Roy, Milk & Bone, Marieme, etc…). The album came to be when Celina began collaborating with Ken Presse (former guitarist for Montreal band The Franklin Electric). The two passionate music fans instantly bonded over a shared love of contemporary artists like Lewis Capaldi and Dermot Kennedy, who have, in many ways, redefined the idea of the modern day radio hit. Recorded at Planet Studios with some of this city’s most talented musicians, Celina is a document, brimming with musicality and driven by a nuance. “We ended up with a really interesting production that pulled from both dark and light sounds,” says Celina about the studio process, “I felt that represented me well because I didn’t want to limit myself to one type of production. I knew it was important to me to show that I can be both dark and angry as well as happy and positive.”

Music has been a part of Celina’s life since a very young age. As a young teen, she honed her craft, performing in coffee shops, and by age seventeen, Celinawas fronting an all-girl rock band called The Empty Yellers, a fixture on the local scene. Following the band’s breakup, Celina embarked on a solo career, evolving from more of a rock and country space to the type of pop craftsmanship she was hearing from singers like Sia and Capaldi, which helped to anchor her sound, organically, in a very radio-friendly place.

The singles have, so far, showcased a very diverse approach to songwriting:

Magnetic is an infectious pop song with a hint of country about the power of love. “When I was writing this song,” says Celina, “I pictured these electrons or stars floating in space, being pulled closer and closer to each other by this mysterious force called love. I wanted to capture that musically and make it sound fun and explosive”.

Existing in its own smoldering sonic universe, Hate/Love is a gripping song about the concept of… hating love, a theme that has long fascinated the determined singer/songwriter, and an ambivalence that can be parsed in the sounds as well - the song is both very personal and universal at the same time, appealing to an intimate mood, yet atmospheric in its scope.

Counterfeit Love is a beautiful ballad, written about a toxic relationship. “I had no confidence,” Celina says of the experience, “so instead, I relied on external qualities and a carefully constructed personality to build an illusion that I hoped would keep the other person around. I often felt like I was selling a fake version of myself. I think the lyrics describe the moment when I realized how unbearable the feelings of emptiness and inauthenticity were. I knew I had to let go of this character I had created. And he was douche anyways”.

Birthday Candles was written for a close friend dealing with addiction. “She was having a hard time and I felt it was important for me to let her know that I was there for her.” says Celina of the inspiration for the song, “As we were writing the song, I wanted the message to reach all women, so they could also have something to turn to when they’re struggling, kind of like an anthem” The song has a definite anthemic quality, starting out with soft drone and sparse piano, withCelina’s rich and commanding voice building to a soaring chorus with very deliberate minimalist booming drums to propel it along.

The rest of the album follows suit, further cementing Celina’s spot as one of Canada’s newest gems.

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