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Montréal, April 8 th, 2022 - She may not yet be a household name, but just wait - It’s a matter of time now! Celina Wolfe is the kind of artist that set herself apart from the pack from the very first note she ever sung into a microphone, and now with a new single in tow, she is poised for a world takeover. Counterfeit Love is the second single from Celina’s debut album, and with such a powerful and emotional track, she is sure to win a lot of hearts.

Counterfeit Love is a beautiful ballad, written about a toxic relationship. “I had no confidence,” Celina says of the experience, “so instead, I relied on external qualities and a carefully constructed personality to build an illusion that I hoped would keep the other person around. I often felt like I was selling a fake version of myself. I think the lyrics describe the moment when I realized how unbearable the feelings of emptiness and inauthenticity were. I knew I had to let go of this character I had created. And he was douche anyways”.

The song features her undeniably timeless voice, which owes as much to the great jazz singers of yore as it does to contemporary singers like Adele or Olivia Rodrigo (watch out Grammys, soon it’s Celina’s time to shine!). The string arrangements in the song are subtle and beautiful, and do a wonderful job of supporting her voice, giving the song an absolutely arresting quality that stays with the listener for a long time.

Written by Celina and her producer, Ken Presse, formerly of local folk heroes, The Franklin Electric, the new single is a very personal song. Ther lyrics are raw and emotional and hits right where you can feel it:

I shoulda let go, and shoulda you what you need to know -

I’m broken, I’m hollow,

if you found out would you keep me close?

But I can’t go on, playing this part, trying to keep us from falling apart,

So maybe I’ll let go

Of this counterfeit love

Celina has been working towards a career in music since age 14. By the time she was 17, she was already fronting the all-girl rock outfit, The Empty Yellers. The band eventually disbanded, but that wasn’t going to stop her - Celina began a solo career, and she hasn’t looked back since. Citing major influences from fellow artists like Sia, Lewis Capaldi, and Dermot Kennedy, Celina is in very good company and with this new single, she is on her way to being a household name!

Counterfeit Love is available now.

HERE to listen.

Wach the video HERE.


Source: Artifice

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