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Odreii Launches New Single: GOLDEN CHILD

Montréal, June 11th, 2021 - Rising R&B/Soul artist Odreii returns with her new single Golden Child paired with an official music video, and is inviting you to walk that walk to this anthem celebrating women empowerment. The new single marks her third official release of 2021 produced by Pako and offers fans a taste of what’s to come from her forthcoming album due later this year. The commitment to creativity is felt in this genre-bending trap exploring oriental scales through melodic composition topped with quirky lyrics using imagery to convey Odreii’s message.

“ When I heard the music for the first time. I fell in love right away! It made me think of Asterix & Obelix vibing on a trap beat. But I also had Cleopatra in mind, which inspired me to look into other queens and female leaders. After that, everything I wrote came from a place of gratitude, remembering the women before us who broke ceilings at their own risk and peril to give the future girls and women of today a chance to reshape the foundation that is dimming our light. ” - Odreii

GOLDEN CHILD is now available on all platforms. Watch the official video here. Be sure to follow Odreii to catch the next releases from her upcoming album.


Born and raised in Montreal, RnB Soul singer songwriter Odreii grew up in a very musical environment. After studying music in London and winning multiple songwriting contests, Odreii came back and toured with Naadei around Canada. Some of those performances included SXSW, Osheaga Presents, MURAL Festival, and Festival des Mongolfieres, where they both opened for Wyclef Jean.

Odreii then worked on her project, and released an EP and a single ''Runs In Mi Blood'' released in May 2019. The single peaked at #3 on PalmarèsADISQ’s chart, featuring the most played tracks on Quebec's english radio stations. Her single Go Solo, a collaboration with DJ Kleancut released in 2020, got them the iHeartRadio artists of the month title in June 2020. Odreii then worked on her first album ‘Sweatin’ Gold’, to be released in fall 2021.


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