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Anthony Kavanagh presents


Montréal, October 1st, 2021 - “Finally,” Anthony Kavanagh’s highly anticipated debut EP, is available now. Following the success of his two latest singles, “Let You Go” and “No Man Ever Told Ya”, he presents “I Choose You”.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this moment for 30 years.”

- Anthony Kavanagh

“Finally” EP

This catchy English-language musical project touches upon the highlights of the last decade in the life of the artist: love, fatherhood, following his dreams, loneliness, demons, and more.

His dazzling, unique pop style includes elements of soul, blues, funk, hip hop, rock, and electro.

Kavanagh was helped by some exceptional collaborators: major Quebec star Marc Dupré; gifted producer/songwriter John Nathaniel—who notably worked with One Republic and Switchfoot—; and another prolific Canadian hitmaker, DJ Domeno. Magic was in the air, and the final result is fantastic!

“I Choose You” Single

The showman’s arrival on the music scene has been spectacular (“Let You Go” and “No Man Ever Told Ya” topped the charts in Canada and Switzerland), which bodes well for this third single.

With its optimistic, perky vibe, “I Choose You” is an irresistible bop that makes you want to dance. Which makes sense, because what is more invigorating than meeting your soulmate?

The music video will be available on YouTube onOctober 15.

First time I saw your face, red lips like Cabernet, red dress by Givenchy...

I find a new reason, to love you every day...Girl you know I always choose you.

About Anthony Kavanagh

For more than 30 years, the Quebecer and multi-talented artist performs as a comedian, tv host or as an actor, for the Francophone audience from all over the world.

A real showman, in the vein of versatile artists such as Will Smith, Jamie Foxx or Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) - who themselves began as comedians - Anthony aspires henceforth to expand his horizons.

Forever immersed in the musical universe, he is regularly invited to sing in programs and special events. He is the one who has been called upon to interpret the male role (attorney Billy Flynn) in Quebecer and French productions of the renowned musical “Chicago”... The artist delivered one of the most outstanding performances of his career. If Anthony is used to sing in his comedy shows, these are his recent performances in the animated movie “Vaiana” (Quebec) / “Moana” (Europe) in which he lends his voice to the main character “Maui”, along with “Aladdin” (where he interprets the Genie) which rekindled his passion for music, pushing him to realize the dream he had long cherished, to perform his own songs.



Source: MBMC Music

Media contacts

For Canada & US :

PHILIP VANDEN BRANDE | Vice President & Partner, annexe | +1 438 402-7391

For Quebec :

JOHANNIE MICHAUD | Account Manager, annexe | +1 514 915-7659


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