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Luc Langevin wins the

2021 Numix Award for Innovation and Adaptation

for his digital show Interconnectés

Montreal, Thursday, May 27, 2021 - Today, the PRIX NUMIX announced that Luc Langevin won the 2021 Innovation and Adaptation Mention for his show Interconnectés. This newly added award intends to highlight an innovative project created in response to the issues raised by the particular global context of 2020 and rewards a concept that demonstrates the creativity and talent of artists, artisans and producers who have had to reinvent themselves due to the pandemic.

Although the finalists were chosen by a jury, as is the case with all PRIX NUMIX, the overall winner in this category was determined, for the first time, by public vote.

"This double recognition, both from the digital industry and the public, particularly warms my heart. With Interconnectés, I had the chance to reach audiences from here, France and all over the world, and I have the pleasure of currently developing the English-speaking market. Thanks to digital technology, I was able to continue to be in direct contact with the public for more than 100 performances, which remains a much-appreciated privilege. The magic tricks offered in my show were tailor-made to take advantage of the particular context and the technologies involved mean that some tricks can only be performed in this digital interactive setting. I am touched that the NUMIX have highlighted my work, and I thank them for creating a category specific to this inescapable reality," said Montrealer and internationally renowned illusionist mastermind Luc Langevin

Interconnected: Gateway to the Impossible from June 1

Since webcasting has no borders, Luc Langevin takes this opportunity to mystify in turn, with his illusions at the gates of the impossible, an English-speaking audience by presenting Interconnected, taking place June 1, 12 and 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at

About the PRIX NUMIX

The NUMIX are the awards for excellence in digital content production in Quebec. This is the 12th edition, and, for the first time, it has gone international.


Source: OKI Spectacles

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