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Credit : Paul Ducharme

Cinémas Ciné Entreprise opens its first

XPX theatre at Cinéma Triomphe in Terrebonne

Terrebonne, November 24, 2021Raffaele Papalia, President of Cinémas Ciné Entreprise, is proud to inaugurate the company’s first XPX extreme experience theatre at Cinéma Triomphe in Terrebonne. The revamped auditorium gives audiences a whole-new cinematic experience at the cutting edge of technology. This innovation reflects not only the visionary spirit of the Ciné Entreprise team; it also marks the beginning of other major announcements to come from the theatre chain.

XPX: the ultimate cinematic experience

Significant investments were made during the calm of the pandemic, the ideal time to undertake major technical transformations and renovations. The forward-thinking vision of Raffaele Papalia and his team resulted in the creation of the XPX theatre in Terrebonne, taking image quality, comfort, and acoustics sound to whole new levels.

Ciné Entreprise went beyond normal industry standards to offer cinephiles at the Cinéma Triomphe in Terrebonne a movie-going experience like never before. This includes the largest laser projector in Canada (a Barco 40,000-lumens SP4K-40), higher resolution and contrast, and Dolby Atmos certification. The 56-foot-wide screen is considered a premium large format (PLF) by Hollywood studios.

The room is also equipped with 40 x 40,000-watt speakers to create a 3D audio space. With sound now also coming from the ceiling, it can travel throughout the room, immersing audiences completely in the action taking place on-screen.

Comfort is also optimized with Irwin Seating rocking chair loveseats with high backs and retractable armrests. No details were overlooked in creating the ultimate cinematic experience.

For more information on XPX technology, visit (in French only). To see pictures of the new XPX room in Terrebonne, click here.

XPX spreads across Quebec

Ciné Entreprise plans to bring its innovative XPX system to its other theatres in the next few years with Granby scheduled next and the Trois-Rivière market to be upgraded.

3 generations of movie buffs

No one knows cinema like the Papalia family, with Raffaele being in the second-generation cohort. Nearly 60 years ago, the Papalia family turned its passion for the seventh art into a thriving family business with the creation of Ciné Enterprise. The future of the chain’s entrepreneurial spirit is already assured, with the third generation of Papalias already actively involved in the business. The mass return of movie buffs to theatres proves beyond all doubt that nothing beats seeing a film on the big screen. Ciné Entreprise will continue to invest and innovate to offer its loyal customers the best cinematic experience anywhere.

Credit : Paul Ducharme

Mobile app for customers

Ciné Entreprise will soon be launching an innovative new mobile app that will take the movie-going experience even further. Details to follow soon.

About Cinémas Ciné Entreprise Inc

Cinémas Ciné Entreprise Inc. has been a pillar of the Quebec film industry for nearly 60 years. With 44 screens across Quebec, it is a major force in independent movie chains across the province and the fourth-largest movie theatre operator in Canada. It operates six theatres: Cinéma Triomphe in Terrebonne, Cinéma Élysée in Granby, Cinéma Odyssée in Chicoutimi, Cinéma du Cap in Trois-Rivières, Cinéma Fleur de Lys in Trois-Rivières and Cinéma Apéro in Jonquière.

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