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Triumphant return of “La Magie des Impressionnistes – Lasting Impressions” to the Studio-Cabaret of Espace St-Denis


Passionate about the project, Geneviève Borne becomes its spokesperson

Montreal, January 18, 2024 – Productions Bylo Nebylo…, in collaboration with Princeton Entertainment Group, are proud to announce the return to the Espace St-Denis studio-cabaret of the spectacular event “La Magie des Impressionnistes – Lasting Impressions”. After more than 100,000 tickets sold in 2023 and a visit to Quebec and Toronto, this unique immersive experience invites the general public to rediscover the masterpieces of the great masters of impressionism through unprecedented 3D technology and breathtaking staging.


A musical and visual journey

Accompanying the immersive rendition of these masterpieces, a meticulous selection of music by Debussy, Ravel and several other great composers, creates an almost hypnotizing atmosphere, enriching the visual experience. Classic French songs performed by legends such as Édith Piaf and Charles Aznavour add a touch of nostalgia and emotion. An exceptional immersion experience that must be seen.


A unique and friendly setting

The Studio-Cabaret of Espace St-Denis, known for its intimate and modern atmosphere, offers a perfect setting for this artistic journey. Spectators can relax in a cabaret environment, enjoying drinks and food while being transported by the magic of impressionist art.

Geneviève Borne, new spokesperson for the event, was charmed when she attended one of the 2023 performances. She mentions: “The impressionists make a strong impression at the Espace Saint-Denis and would be themselves very impressed to see their light and their colors being seen and sublimated in 3D. This marriage between the art of another era and the technologies of tomorrow totally dazzles me! »

Serge Grimaux, spokesperson for Productions Bylo Nebylo... tells us about the project and the Impressionists: “This immersive 3D experience at the Studio-Cabaret of Espace St-Denis is a new and unusual way of combining art and technology. This space, designed as unique as it is avant-garde, offers an exceptional opportunity to dive into the heart of the world of the Impressionists in three dimensions, in a completely new way. The Impressionists were above all considered revolutionaries. They were marginalized painters. To present their works in one of the most technologically advanced performance halls of its time could not be more appropriate. Being able to « soak up » these masterpieces, with a glass of wine in hand, makes it a fun and artistic event not to be missed, a spectacular celebration of beauty and innovation, touching the soul and awakening the senses. Visitors will be transported into a world where at times they will have the sensation of interacting with the works of Renoir, Degas, Monet, Van Gogh and several other masters of this bygone era. »


Tickets are available and can be purchased online at or at the Espace St-Denis box office. A souvenir book is also available on site or online.


Productions Bylo Nebylo… and Princeton Entertainment Group, supported by Geneviève Borne, invites the press and the public to come live or relive this magical experience and discover the Impressionists like never before. “The Magic of the Impressionists” is more than an event, it is a celebration of art, music and technology.




About Productions Bylo Nebylo…

Productions Bylo Nebylo… is piloted by people recognized for their creativity and innovations in the field of arts and entertainment.


About Princeton Entertainment Group

Princeton Entertainment Group, creator of the show, active in several countries and mainly in the United States, is renowned for its expertise in producing high-quality artistic events.




Source : Productions Bylo Nebylo...


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