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Festival d’été de Québec: An Unforgettable 55th Edition

Quebec City, July 17, 2023 - The curtain is about to fall on the Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) after 11 days of performances, soon to be 12 thanks to an unprecedented extension. BLEUFEU reflects on this 55th edition, filled with twists and turns, marked by several events that will be etched in the memories of festival goers.

"We faced significant challenges this year, but amidst the hurdles, cancellations, and weather uncertainties, we managed to achieve wonderful things, thanks to our festival goers. They showed unwavering trust in us and enthusiastically embraced all our offerings, rain or shine. We thank them for their loyalty and massive participation," said Nicolas Racine, CEO of BLEUFEU. "We cannot overlook the incredible work of our teams and the exceptional collaboration with our partners and suppliers, which allowed us to reprogram the evening lineup of July 13, to tonight."

Photo credit : Stéphane Bourgeois

Bell Stage at the Plains of Abraham

The main stage of FEQ experienced tremendous enthusiasm, especially during the July 7th performance by Imagine Dragons, who made up for their missed 2019 show with the festival goers. The highly anticipated group performed to a packed Plains of Abraham. Interestingly, the Plains of Abraham were filled to capacity not once but twice, as the July 14th show featuring Pitbull also reached its full capacity, transforming the historic site into a gigantic dance floor. Among the love stories with Quebec City, we must mention the rock lesson delivered by Foo Fighters, making their third appearance here, and Billy Talent, who opened the festival with infectious energy. The Plains witnessed magical moments, including the enchanting Lana Del Rey, eagerly awaited by her numerous fans with whom a profound connection was felt. Let's add the presence of Zach Bryan, who proved that new country music can easily resonate with the Plains. And, of course, the July 13th evening, with the shortened performance of Robert Charlebois followed by a brief appearance of Les Cowboys Fringants during a thunderstorm, left a deep emotional impact. The organization is thrilled to be able to fully resume this evening on July 17th. However, the festival's highlight undoubtedly belongs to Green Day and their more than generous performance. With undeniable charisma, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong held the crowd in the palm of his hand, engaging with them throughout the show and delighting fans by sharing the stage with them not once, but twice.

"The true stars of FEQ are always the fans," emphasized Louis Bellavance, VP of Content and Artistic Direction. "They are passionate and curious. Our lineup revolved around rock, but with a good measure of depth. The enthusiastic response from the audience for Imagine Dragons, Zach Bryan, Pitbull, and Lana Del Rey gives me hope. Rock is essential in Québec; it's our roots, but the FEQ audience knows no bounds. Festival goers are ready to follow us and provide us with the tools to continue evolving and growing. It's an honour and a privilege for the programming team to raise the bar so high," he concluded.

Loto-Québec and SiriusXM Stages at Parc de la Francophonie

The Parc de la Francophonie, FEQ's second stage, also attracted large audiences, especially during the July 9th show led by Cypress Hill and the July 15th performance by the joyous gang of Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project. During these two explosive nights, festival-goers who preferred not to be in the midst of large crowds could enjoy the show in the comfort of Place George-V, equipped with giant screens, concessions, relaxation areas, and Instagram-worthy settings. This new setup made the wait for festival goers much more enjoyable, and the site's circulation was smooth. The pop evening on July 8th with sensations Jessie Reyes and Stephan Sanchez, as well as the all-metal night on July 12th concluded by Lamb of God, once again confirmed the multi-genre approach of FEQ. We cannot overlook the rare visit of Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, through their project The Smile, which surprised many.

Hydro-Québec Stage at Place de l'Assemblée-Nationale

The programming of the Hydro-Québec Stage once again allowed the largest number of people to enjoy a variety of free shows, including delightful discoveries like Sudan Archives and established artists like Dumas. DakhaBrakha, Gab Bouchard, and Les Hay Babies were among the highlights of this free programming open to all.

Pop-Up FEQ

With eight Pop-Up FEQ events, many curious minds were drawn in, especially those attending Robert Charlebois at Place d'Youville, Gab Bouchard on Avenue Cartier, and the new FEQ darling, TALK, at Terrasse Dufferin.

Extras FEQ

Presented every night at the Manège militaire, the Extras FEQ allowed night owls to keep the party going late with a selection of electronic music that saw Alaclair Ensemble and Qualité Motel offer fiery DJ set performances. The electro shift initiated by FEQ for this series proved to be a success.

An Edition That Will Be Etched in Memory

This 55th musical rendezvous was, in essence, a historical edition, marked by challenges and spectacular moments that will forever remain in the collective memory of festival goers. BLEUFEU warmly thanks them for their loyalty and looks forward to seeing them next year!


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Festival d’été de Québec presented by Bell in collaboration with Coors Light

will take place July 4th to 14th, 2024. An experience by BLEUFEU.



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