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starring David La Haye and Stacie Mistysyn

Montreal, March 8, 2023 - Les Productions 1984 announces the cast and the start of the shoot for Charlie Tango, a thriller written, produced and directed by Simon Boisvert. Charlie Tango is a privately financed film shot in English. Filming will take place over a period of 20 days starting March 13th, in Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas.

The cast includes David La Haye as Charlie (Arlette, Confessions, Portrait-Robot, Les honorables), Stacie Mistysyn as Kim (Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi; The Next Generation). The supporting cast includes Bruce Dinsmore (Le temps d’un été, Indéfendable, Toute la vie), Diana Lewis (40 is the New 20), Marcel Jeannin (Northpole, Le règne de la beauté, l’Imposteur), Peter Miller (Rouge sang, Indéfendable, Doute raisonnable), Geneviève St-Louis (Tout ce que tu possèdes, Stat, Transplant), Charles Bender(Bootlegger, 40 is the New 20, Pour toi Flora), Vitali Makarov, James Gallanders, Dario Gasbarro, Kayleigh Choiniere, Doug Price, Fariba Bonakdar, Christian Paul, Fred Éric Salvail, Anana Rydvald, James Rae, Métushalème Dary, Roxane Tremblay-Marcotte.


An air traffic controller in her fifties, married to a policeman, is having an affair with a crooked businessman. She also sings in a hard rock cover band as a hobby. Suspended by her employer after an unfortunate event, she agrees to work for her lover... at her own risk.

About Simon Boisvert Following studies in business administration and actuarial science, Simon Boisvert started a translation company in the early 1990s, which he still owns and manages today. At the turn of the millennium, without any training nor experience, he financed, produced, wrote and acted in a few independent films, some of which he directed himself, with meager budgets and a hectic shooting schedule. In 2009, he decided to take a long break from filmmaking. This year, he is back with Charlie Tango, a thriller that contrasts sharply with his earlier, more talkative films about relationships. Main crew Writer, director, producer : Simon Boisvert Director of photography: Alexandre Bussière Production designer: Guillaume Couture First assistant director: Robert D. Morais The film is scheduled to be released in 2024


Source : Les Productions 1984 Demandes médias : Lyne Dutremble | annexe | | 514 952 5047


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