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Montréal, August 26th, 2022 - With her instantly-recognizable sultry voice that could stop most mere mortals in their tracks, Celina Wolfe has a natural gift, and she is proud to share that gift with those who need it most. With Birthday Candles, the young singer/songwriter has crafted a very personal song that was written for a close friend dealing with addiction.

“She was having a hard time and I felt it was important for me to let her know that I was there for her.” says Celina of the inspiration for the song, “As we were writing the song, I wanted the message to reach all women, so they could also have something to turn to when they’re struggling, kind of like an anthem”. Mission accomplished - the song has a definite anthemic quality, starting out with soft drone and sparse piano, with Celina’s rich and commanding voice building to a soaring chorus with very deliberate minimalist booming drums to propel it along.

I’d sleep with one hand on my phone if you need to call

When that demon on your shoulder says you're doing it all wrong

I can’t fix you, I’ll remind you, you're not broken, you’re born perfect

Blow your birthday candles out baby

And I'm gonna wish you make it

In many ways, this song is a celebration of hope & friendship, love & loyalty, delivered with aplomb, by an artist who is on the cusp of international stardom. With a voice reminiscent of Adele and fellow Canadian Serena Ryder, and songwriting chops to rival some of this countries most iconic musical storytellers, Celina Wolfe has what it takes to reach the upper echelons of superstardom, but she is also very much attached to her Montreal roots, so, all in due time.

Birthday Candles is Celina’s 4th single, once again produced with great care by The Franklin Electric’s Ken Presse, and his attention to detail, coupled with his ability to draw the listener in is front and center with this very personal and powerful song.

Birthday Candles is out NOW. An acoustic version of the song will be released as well in a few weeks. Stay tuned.



Source: Artifice


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