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Thursday, March 9, 2023 — C2 Montréal launched its all-new website and brand image, created in collaboration with KOKI-KIKO, a new Montreal-based creative agency founded by Khoa Lê and Kim Levan.

The new website is now online at

C2MTL ❤️ local creators

“C2 Montréal continues to draw inspiration from its birthplace — a city of creative communities that has a proud and proven history of collaborating with local creators. It’s why it was a no-brainer to team up with Khoa and Kim, who are very representative of the vibrant and creative entrepreneurial community in Montreal,” said Delphine Poux, CMO of C2.

Kim Levan and Khoa Lê | KOKI-KIKO

Khoa Lê is a highly experienced creative director. For this project, he partnered synergistically with C2MTL’s art director Amanda Pyluk and collaborated with Levan in her role as strategic director. He also worked closely with visual identity art director Maude Turgeon and web art director Louis Paquet. Together, they brought the new visual identity to life with an emphasis on accessibility, fun, connection and plurality.

“Beyond the vast field of exploration C2MTL gave us in terms of visuals and identity, we were seduced by its desire to position itself as a place where ideas and sensibilities from various backgrounds can meet. Our strategic and visual quest for the brand was driven above all by this plurality, by curiosity and everything that is human about it,” said Khoa Lê.

A (web) site to behold

It’s only fitting that the overarching theme of this year’s edition of C2MTL is Combined Perspectives because, indeed, the seamless blending of many creative mindsets is felt throughout the design of the website and in the depth of the layering of elements.

The ways in which to discover C2MTL’s content and programming were completely rethought, with meticulous attention to both aesthetics and usability. The result is a fluid and dynamic browsing experience that puts the C2 community front and centre, and shows what great creative minds collaborating in tandem can achieve.


Brand strategy: Kim Levan and Khoa Lê

Creative direction: Khoa Lê

Artistic direction: Maude Turgeon

Artistic direction C2MTL: Amanda Pyluk

Web strategy and UX: Kim Levan

Web artistic direction: Louis Paquet

Web development: Thomas Aufresne and Ingamana

Project management: Kim Levan


Source : C2

For more information:

Lyne Dutremble, annexe | | 514.952.5047

Phil Vanden Brande, annexe | | 438.402.7391


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