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New name unveiled for FEQ team

Quebec City, February 2, 2022 – The team behind one of the biggest and one of the most important music festivals in Canada, Festival d'été de Québec (FEQ), as well as Toboggan, Saint-Roch XP and the Impérial Bell is proud to announce the creation of BLEUFEU, their new umbrella organization.

An essential artistic events organization

The recent slowdown imposed on the industry gave the team an opportunity to reflect on and accelerate its vision for the future. Although the organization has a strong culture and is guided by an enduring passion for music, concerts and events, one thing has become clear: it would benefit from consolidating its assets and sharing a vision, mission, common values and strategic plan.

For the team, being able to identify with BLEUFEU as an entity separate from the events has become important: “We needed a strong identity, a vision and a strategic plan to structure our development and inspire our staff,” explained Anne Hudon, CEO.

“Our organization has expanded rapidly in recent years. With the FEQ’s rising popularity and the establishment of other events and venues, the organization has become an important player in cultural events,” noted Henrick Simard, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Fan experience the main priority

Already leaders in the creation of important artistic events in Quebec City, BLEUFEU will continue to bring fans world-class experiences. “Over the next few years, we want to create a brand that will not only engage our staff and the industry, but also and most importantly music and events fans from our city and elsewhere. We’re fans of the fans!” added Anne Hudon.

A name and brand image inspired by team values

The name BLEUFEU refers to the team’s top value: Passion, that sacred inner fire. Blue is also Quebec City’s official colour, a great source of pride for the organization, which has always been headquartered here and which operates here. A symbol of intensity, fire can have a range of colours depending on the temperature, blue being the hottest. In the logo, the eye in the flames represents both the team’s fiery passion and the audience’s excitement as they light up to the festive rhythms of the events.

Driven by a passionate team

While the organization has decided to adapt its structure to the strategic plan, BLEUFEU’s experienced personnel can count on the leadership and experience of a dedicated team led by Anne Hudon, CEO, and supported by Claude Doré, Deputy CEO. The management team is made up of Louis Bellavance, VP of Content and Artistic Direction, Samantha McKinley, VP of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Cantin Boudreau, VP of Commercial Strategies and Partnerships, Elena Giroux, Chief Finance and Administration Officer and Louis-Philippe Grenier, Chief Operations Officer. Jean-François Poirier will hold the position of Director of Marketing and Ticketing, Geneviève Miclette that of Director of Partnerships and Premium Offers, while Yannick Vézina will join the organization as Director of Communications.


BLEUFEU, is an event organizer and show promoter, who delivers festive and inspiring experiences, including Festival d’été de Québec, Toboggan - New Year’s Nights and Saint-Roch XP, plus hundreds of shows year-round at the Impérial Bell and soon at a new adjacent multifunctional concert venue. This new umbrella brand will oversee the existing NPOs, which are already benchmarks in the industry for top quality productions. BLEUFEU has more than 50 permanent employees and recruits close to 500 contract workers and hundreds of volunteers every year. Visit for more information.


  • 3 music events

  • 2 concert venues

  • 633,000+ fans from over 15 countries

  • 500+ shows

  • More than 700 artists have performed at our events

  • $43+ M in tourism spending in the region

  • 250,000 + accommodation nights




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For more information:

PHILIP VANDEN BRANDE | Vice President & Partner, annexe | +1 438 402-7391


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